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                                                       GIVING BACK......

As two mums and active members of our community we have been on many fundraising drives and committees so it is with great pleasure that we are able to give back to local charities and non-for profit organisations that touch our hearts and lives. Here are some of the donations we have made in the last two years:


- Upwey South Primary School

- Goodwin Estate Kindergarden

- Lin Jefferey Kindergarden

- Tecoma Primary School

- Upwey South Kindergarden

- Royal Children's Hospital (Good Friday Appeal)

- Belgrave South Pimary School

- Go Big for The Kids (DMD)

- Sarahs fight to remember (Early onset demensia)

- Kallista Kindergarden

- Benwerrin Pre-School

- Jakey Boy Trivia night

-Sherbrook Community house

- Belgrave CFA

- Warranwood Primary School

- Ovarian research center

- Big Morning tea (homelessness) Knox

- Cancer council

- Upwey High school Volleyball program

- Olivian Newton John Foundation

- The Basin Primary school

- Belgrave South Red Devils

- Upwey Tecoma Football Club

-Belly Up cup

- Knoxfield Primary School


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