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The Josie OG's

Jo & Karlie 

In 2013, we decided that whilst on holiday in Bali, we should look around to see if we could spot anything unique and gorgeous that we could bring home and sell to friends or at markets.  That was 12 months ago.  Today we are still pinching ourselves to think a simple idea has become a big dream and reality.


Karlie, Jo and Kristy, friends with a love of shopping, spending, browsing and spreadsheets (ok that is just Kristy) are now sharing that with all of you!  We come from Melbourne in the beautiful Dandenongs where we live with our gorgeous husbands and families. We have 3 kids each aged between 1 and 10, which can make for some very interesting meetings, hence our preference for big decision making at night time… over a wine (our husbands are still a little dubious about our “meetings”, all very legit we swear!)


We have been lucky enough to find amazing things from Asia, especially Bali and Thailand, Turkey, Bulgaria, Mexico and even little ol’ Australia.  We have had so much fun adding to our collection with bags, clutches, clothing and scarf ranges along the way, and look forward to surprising you with what’s coming in the future for Josie.


But the biggest surprise for us has been the little Josie community that has evolved through Facebook & Instagram.  We love the little games and laughs we have had with Josie followers, both online and in person, and have been blown away by the efforts people have gone to visit us when we hold markets and pop up shops.  Beautiful people!!


We hope you enjoy both our new collections and our new website. We are always keen hear to what people think so if you have any ideas, feedback or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know, and don't forget to think of us next time you need something new for yourself or for a gift for someone special!


 Since 2013 Kristy left Josie&me to follow her dreams of becoming a real estate mogul, we miss her and her spreadsheet knowledge dearly!  She has contributed so much to this business but we are happy to watch her follow her dreams and still call her for that third deciding vote xox.


With love,


The Josie Girls

Karlie & Jo 


P: 0410607960

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